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Research Groups

Energy Materials Engineering Research Group, Department of Energy Engineering

The aim of our group contributes to the sustainable development of the society in which human and nature are in harmony with each other by cultivating novel materials and technologies for energy and global environments. In concrete, we are promoting the research and education both on functional materials applied to energy-harvest, energy-conversion, energy-storage, and energy-utilization and on nanomaterials applied to solve environmental issues. We are also developing apparatus for synthesis and evaluation of those materials.

Energy Functional Materials Engineering Laboratory

Energy Nanomaterials Growth Laboratory

Energy Nanomaterials Science Laboratory

Energy Softmaterials Science Laboratory

Energy Quantum-materials Science Laboratory

*Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability

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Energy Quantum Engineering Research Group, Department of Energy Science and Engineering

The Research Group of Energy Quantum Engineering is aimed at studying physics of high energy quantum beams such as photons (laser, synchrotron radiation, X-rays, gamma rays), electrons, ions, neutrons and advanced technologies (laser sources, scintillators…) for their detection and analysis. We employ advanced system development research to measure information provided by quantum beams in multiple dimensions and with high precision. Further we offer education and studies on various quantum beam measurement applications related to energy engineering, environmental / medical / life sciences and societal safety. In parallel, we conduct research on the elucidation of the physical properties of new nuclides such as their decay schemes, nuclear moments and spin for nuclear databases.

Applied Nuclear Physics Laboratory

†Radioisotope Research Center

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Energy Fluid Engineering Research Group, Department of Energy Engineering

The research goal for our group is to investigate universal scaling, chaos, and control technologies of the interface dynamics in the multiphase flow and functional fluid, which contribute to the realization of high density and high capacity energy source. And they are optimal both in economic efficiency and security. Moreover, we are investigating the confinement properties of the magnetized plasmas, which is a kind of the MHD (MagnetoHydroDynamic) fluid, in the core of Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor. Fusion Reactor is expected a clean, safer and unlimited energy source in the future.

Thermal Fluid Energy Engineering Laboratory

Magneto Hydro-dynamics Energy Engineering Laboratory

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Fusion Energy Engineering Research Group, Department of Applied Energy

Toward achieving controlled nuclear fusion reactors, which will be an environmentally compatible energy source, we are studying magnetic plasma confinement systems through experiments and analysis of plasma confinement, design of fusion reactor systems, and predictive calculation of burning plasmas.

Fusion Plasma Science and Engineering Laboratory

Fusion Reactor Engineering Laboratory

  • Associate Prof. Teruya Tanaka
  • Associate Prof. Haruhisa Nakano

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Energy Systems Engineering Research Group, Department of Applied Energy

In order to survive in the environment surround the earth, we have a continuing need to secure sustainable energy. Especially in the finite global environment field, it is important to develop environment-conscious energy sources such as nuclear fission and fusion that have less environmental load with energy conversion. The Energy System Engineering Research Group provides education and research on the construction of energy system, which include the design and operation control of the system and safety evaluation: Nuclear fuel cycle, Waste management, Isotope science, Radiation measurement and Neutron science.

Energy Resources Recycling Science Laboratory

Applied Isotope Science Laboratory

Nuclear Measurement Engineering Laboratory

‡Facility for Nuclear Materials

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Energy Safety Engineering Research Group, Department of Applied Energy

In Energy Safety Engineering Research Group, you can learn and research “Development, operation and control, and evaluation of the sustainable energy conversion system,” “Radiation protection of human and environment,” and “Global environmental problems due to the increasing energy consumption,”

Energy Environmental Safety Engineering Laboratory

Nuclear Energy Control Engineering Laboratory

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