Address by the Department Chair 〉

Your Energy, Your Future
What is essential to achieve a highly civilized society?

Prof. Akio Yamamoto
The Department Chair

It is energy that makes the modern world possible. Imagine a variety of services and products surrounding you. None of them could have been achieved without energy. Surely energy lies at the foundation of our modern world.

Energy Science and Engineering Department (School of Engineering), Energy Engineering Department and Applied Energy Department (Graduate School of Engineering) make it a goal to promote sound and sustainable development of coming society through research and education related to energy generation, storage, transport and application.


Our research ranges from a nanoscale to a macroscale and research subjects include:

  • – innovative energy converting materials
  • – advanced measuring techniques to control energy systems
  • – recovery and recycling of energy resources
  • – radioactive waste management
  • – nuclear fusion reactors
  • – nuclear fission reactors
  • – application of quantum beam to materials science
  • – generation of neutron beam applied to cancer treatment
  • – movement of pollutants in the atmosphere

【Career Options】

Most of the undergraduates go on to graduate school to study further in the master’s and doctoral courses. After completing the graduate school, they get positions as researchers or engineers in private companies or as researchers or educational personnel at research institutes including universities. Since almost all the technologies have relation to energy, studying energy science and engineering helps students expand their horizons. Graduates are expected to play active parts in various areas including infrastructure industry such as electric power companies, gas companies and heavy electric machinery companies, the manufacturing industry such as automobile manufacturers and electronic manufacturers, and other industries such as IT-related companies and trading companies.

The world needs young scientists and engineers who have studied in our departments.
Your energy can open up your future.